Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 4, 2016


Inspired by Philibus K Elisha Elisha



I am the soot

I am the flame that goes up in its own flame

I am the tar that never was
The black that never rubbed off
The colour which always burnt
The love which never cried
The hay which never dried
The eye with tear lit eyes
The love which was never gone
Which lived in itself life long
Lost in its own love
To pave the path of love
In a light which always shone
Which never lit itself in the dark
In its haunting eyes dyng in the dark
The lamp which now lies dead
Extinguished by the dead
In the dead night to steal its ashes
From the dead pyre of death
Burning in itself
Igniting in its own night
In shoals of lighting
Igniting its death in night
Calling out to the darkness to light up its night
In the flames of darkness
going up in the night of darkness
dying in the night
In the night of the light

As the candle flickers up once again
In all its glory
Killing its own light


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