Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 4, 2016

Candle In The Dark~by Hela Tekali



Candle In The Dark

She paints in a blank
Canvas a portrait of her
Life, all gloomy and dark
A flickering candle
Lightens up the subtle hue
All of a sudden fading with no mark
The portrait is so sombre
Like the color of her heart,
It is not she is truly insane
But inside there is much pain
Unable for the paintbrush to wash
Though colors try in vain to rush
Captivating the delicate mood
Of her psyche
Easing the pain from inside
For the candle in the dark makes her blind
To see the fullness of life with its colors
To feel the vigor of ecstasy with its flavors
She still needs time to wash away that pain
To have a life full and plain
Where the candle would appear no more dark
And the paintbrush no longer leaves a rough mark.

Jenayah Hela
@Spiritual Poetry

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