Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 4, 2016

Death Shared Together~by Norman Wilson



Death Shared Together

We ran through raised light
Through a pitch of heather
So golden fresh, was our field
As we ran through a wide part of heaven

There was a degree, of nothingness
Loathingly clear, for both of us
Beyond our last orange sunset
Turning our fields into winter’s dust

when our car crashed, we gave way to our flight
While whispers held us hostage
In the bonds of an old sad song
Holding our love frozen forever, ever long

We wanted to holdout
Just past the faceless horizon
To the ceasing sounds of sadness
To distant sounds of mating bison’s

So strong came the sounds of love
That even in this loss of ever after
Our souls grew closer together
To an ending we share by the heather

For death has changed everything
Since one year ago, for us
On that long snowy road
That marks a new fresh field from last heather

All rights reserved 02/29/16
Norman Francis

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