Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 4, 2016


On the eve of 26th marriage anniversary. I dedicate this poem to my wife prativa Pattnaik




Being one soul and one body
Apparently flowing like a stream
We marched a long way
And touched this silver valley

Many dusty roads we crossed
Many golden gates we passed
Many songs of life we sang like birds
Many hours we glittered like stars

You and I shared the pains and fears
Cracked the heaven and gathered the tears
Laughed and scared together
with the spice of love and care

Depth of life we shaw
Many summers and springs we conversed, erosion and budding we met
Many reasons, thrusts and trusts we analysed
Burnt candle like incessant
Many solitude and nothingness encountered

But mirror of our heart reflected all the hours of life sublime
Now the house of love we have built
Is small and beautiful full of silver lines and golden smiles

In these years of twenty six springs
We have polished our trust and bond
Divinely felt the gift of God bestowed
Travelled from body to soul

You are the queen of my silver house
We nurtured and cared
Twenty six years of garden together
Stoney pavements are now full of pearls

Let us drink the silver drops
Let the moon to bring the stars for us
A depth of life be celebrated tonight
With the loves of friends and hates of foes ****************************************************

©Satya Pattnaik

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