Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 4, 2016

THE ARK~by Philibus K Elisha Elisha




On the vast expanses
Like a titan toad
It bobbed its trunk
And trudged
And buoyed
With a bouyant boldness.

Its mission misty
And miserable
Its direction undestined
And desolate
Its distant destination
Of despair;despicable!
Despite its been directed
Its belly is a raucous roar…

Of the roaring pair
Of lions
The bleating of the goats
And the baaing of sheeps
The mooing of cows
And the cooing of doves
The barking of the dogs
And quacking of the ducks
The purring of the cats
And the tweeting of the birds
The braying of the penguins
And the croaking of the frogs
The grunting of the pigs
And the howling of the wolves
The squirming of the snakes
And the crowing of the cock
The cuckooing of the cuckoos
And other sorts…

What cacophonous symphony
Of tolerance!
In their various cabins
Paired as they were;
Were reared
And well fed!
That even the termites
The fleas
The worms
Were given equal tender
And priority
For He ordered all
To be in pairs
In their cabins..!

For fourth days and nights
It rained flood
he and they
And every beast after its kind
Every fowl after their sort
Male and Female
Wherein is the breath of life
The high hills
Under the heavens
Were covered
Life outside was dead.

One hundred and fifty days after
The waters assuaged
The windows of the heavens
Were stopped
The rains restrained
The ark at the Arafat
The raven
The dove
Were all part of it.

At 600 years
he persevered
And endured
By His providence..
Six hundred and a year
Was the earth dried
And arable
For a new habitation.


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