Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 5, 2016

Igloo by the Sea~by Norman Wilson



Igloo by the Sea

Bring your beauty forth to the sea
Where the whales talk to me
While the clouds crown the skies
In shadows path of a pagan love, in disguise

We shall endlessly float on a love we weave
On gentle sloping waves upon the sea
Steeped so deep in lust’s grasp
Where I scoff at every tide that may pass

The cold waters try to chill our very souls
Never to unlock the mysteries of a winter’s hold
As our love breezes in and out
Where the mighty blue whale leap about

Let us fall together onto a wetting shore
To find loves unlocking door
As we build our igloo next to the sea
Where whales are windowed for you and me

All rights reserved 02/29/16
Norman Francis

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