Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 6, 2016

Awaking Dreams~by Norman Wilson



Awaking Dreams

When the sun broke, I awoke
In a sea of lost dreams
Which I knew not
How forbidden, each dream could be

For dreams come haunting for my soul
Negating the night for one last toll
In a lingering place, I dare not go
A place hotter than hell and colder than an arctic blow

The pagans will sing their songs of voodoo bliss
Songs from a time unknown, long ago
Where they sung around the fire pits
Flirting with evil just to rise and show

To their spells and magic tricks
I had fallen as meek prey
To long boney fingertips
Pointing directly my way

I see a forest of rickety trees
No longer blooming in green
Where branches wither in misting dark
Below a lustreless moon once glowing in sheen

The pagans have spoken
As each leaf has broken
Broke away from my reoccurring dream
A dream lost in a dark misting seam

Seeds have been sowing
To the wooing of souls bowing
While the wind breezes in trees howling
Just as I had awaken, shaking once again from my dream

All rights reserved 03/01/16
Norman Franci

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