Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 6, 2016

Good Morning Sun~by Norman Wilson



Good Morning Sun

What glows upon the trees and leaves
In such brilliant colours, clustering to see
As my eyes wander within a solar breeze
Where swallows dart about breathlessly

I do not understand the glow of day and dark of night
That comes with love and leaves in fright
Where the moon beckons out to the earth
Do not fear there will be another dawning birth

Still I wonder why I feel so miserably
When beauty unfolds upon flowering trees
As I rush back and forth unwittingly
In a frenzy of broken waves fasting feverishly

She rises once more within the morn
Casting rays that keep us warm
Until the clouds unleash a lightning storm
Leaving me dejected and forlorn

Clouds are grasping in the van of eyes
Where swallows still fly in lighten skies
In shine of sun’s dimming hold
Relining the heavens once bright and bold

I must now wait for another morn
Where the sun will shine bright once more
Then I shall run around once more in a flurry
Forgetting the beauty of morning, for I am in a hurry

All rights reserved 03/01/16
Norman Francis

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