Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 6, 2016

The Story Of Darkness~by Aarti Mittal

Inspired by my dear Nutan Sarawagi



The Story Of Darkness


I live in darkness
Given by the light
Where I see all hidden
When I need to see them
In the light I was thrown
In the darkness
Where I held my self
In fears
In tears
Silently yelled
To be tightly held
By a saviour

Blind I was in the light
I saw darkness in the light
Of selfishness
The darkness of the light
That threw me
In the darkness
Of the unseen and untrodden path
Path that had only one way
That is too walk straight
On the stony thorny path
In gratitude to this darkness
I have lost
The feel of my pain
My bleed
My wounds
Now my eyes see light
In the darkness
The light invisible
But felt
by the dark core of my heart…..

Copyright @ Rita

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