Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 8, 2016

a tribute to women of the world on this ~ INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY. ~by Raj Babu Gandham



a tribute to women of the world on this

“ home maker “
she is up early, before anyone
even though slept, late at night
Though her eyes are drowsy
body is tired and in pain with periods
her mind starts planning
what’s for breakfast
what to pack for lunch
for her children and husband
what they like, what to feed
to make them happy, to keep them healthy
her life is family, her love
only for their happiness
locking away, her discomforts
pooling her strengths, with efforts
she dusts, sweeps, cleans and washes
furniture, floor, clothes and dishes
while her process of cooking
goes on simultaneously
aroma of coffee, and freshness
of her untiring smiles
greets the family, hurries them all
husband and children, for office and school
watching the clock, yelling and screaming
for children to be up and prompt
patting and kissing, her husband’s
cheek, with smiles of love
she makes them ready
for their days assignments
be it school or college and office
she makes them reach, in time
not to miss the bus, not too late for train
she strives dexterously
till they are back
happy, healthy and with success
she thinks of them
she lives with them, in thoughts of her
for her, family is love
home is her real heaven
all home makers of the world
accept please, please
my salutations

~ yathi

Copyright©author Raj Babu Gandham

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