Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 8, 2016

The Powerhouse…~by ‎Akshaya Kumar Das‎



The Powerhouse…

Women please rejoice,
Today is a day of your choice,
Celebrate enjoy the voice,
society writes for you,
The moments of bliss,

The Basics
still exist,
The Basics
still bite,
more or less,
a victim of human prey,

The Nature,
exists in them,
Infused nature,
drives their life,
drives their love,
their hatred
in the game of life,

The Mother,
The spouse,
The Daughter,
The Lover,
The Companion,
play the impeccable roles,
Since time immemorial,
till infinity,
Humanity wonders
at the magnanimity,

The Assignment,
by default,
too tight,
too compelling,
for sustenance,
of humanity,
till infinity,
Men & women,
Two sides of one coin,
Head or Tale you win,

The Domestic Powerhouse,
Without you the spouse,
can’t breathe in the house,
Oh ! Powerhouse,
Sans the Power strokes,
Life would have suffered the real strokes,

Mistress in the power play,
The Big Boys play,
Companion of softness,
serpentine dreams,
The wonderful screams,
Eternal lovers in tantrums,
Making life a dream planetorium,

Flow in abundance,
At your Solitude,
in transcendence,
for the soul of the house,
How silently,
Dawn till Dusk,
Run the house,
Run miles in the house,
without any grouse,
with children by your side,
And the Big Man by side,.
(c) Akshaya Kumar Das 8/3/2016
on the eve of the World Women’s Day

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