Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 9, 2016

Fate or Reaction?~by rldubour



Hard to believe but, very true!

Fate or Reaction?

We met when we were very young
Full of life and having fun.
I saw her walking straight towards me
I thought impossible, this can’t be.

This warm sensation I could feel
I thought too pretty, can’t be real.
As she walked by a glancing smile
She had class I loved her style.

Stopped me dead I could not talk
I knew I had to watch her walk!
I thought now Ron this is a shame
You never even got her name.

Not like me she gave a glance.
When have I stopped taking chance?
I was off just like a flash
Had to stop her I have to ask.

My next class will have to wait
I just can’t argue with my fate.
I did catch her and not too soon.
As she was entering her next room.

She turned around to look at me
Right then and there I went to one knee.
I don’t know your name but, my heart believes
Fate is calling, “Will you marry me!”

Her reply was simple, ” I will indeed.”
So off we went to the nearest JP

Now fifty years later not a thing I’d change.
Someday soon I will ask her name!


  1. Lovely piece

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