Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 12, 2016

Poets We All Are~by Lilian Dipasupil Kunimasa



Poets We All Are

In every heart that beats
there is a poet that breathes
To say that poetry is for few is but a myth
all who go beyond expected we stand with

In all walks of life, there’s a poet alive
for poetry in all aspect of life thrive
In every poem created, life is written
it is in all lives that poetry is hidden

Why be surprised of the poet inside you
with all the joys and pains you knew
The emotions expressed are seductive
moving, for words not to be evocative

So for one’s thoughts to be spoken by other
so for one’s words to be felt by another
A poet I am and a poet you are,
for we can both dream of the star

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