Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 13, 2016

Day to Remember~by Norman Wilson



Day to Remember

Can you remember our last day
Will it ever fade gently away
Where the sun went down in a scarlet blaze
Before that day became just a haze

I came to you in glow of candlelight
I came to you with love’s brightest light
To bear my heart, never to spoil
With precious jewels, coming from the earthly soil

I kissed your eyes and bound your love
With the shiniest diamond ring I could find
To place upon your wedded hand
With promises to stay as long as I can

The fires stoked my ire within my heart
When the angels came to take me away
No matter how much I pleaded with hopefulness
They would not give me a final wish

I lay in wake on my last day
And cannot reach out to chase your sorrows away
So please my dear, hold our memories near
Thus, I may be able to kiss your eyes and catch your falling tears

All rights reserved 03/08/16
Norman Francis


  1. Powerful!

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