Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 13, 2016

Mother’s apple pies and baseball~by rldubour



Mother’s apple pies and baseball

We all knew the aroma coming our way,
with mom in the kitchen on baking day.

She was baking bread to go with the food,
she had to be clever to feed such a brood.

The fresh bakes she made and there was more
even today, we’ve no bread from a store.

After the buns and the breads were all made.
she’d take out the glaze…was part of her trade!

She would roll out the dough to put in the pans
inside went the fruits, with her secret plans.

‘The pies of the day’ was her big surprise
which-no one would know until they saw with their eyes.

Sunday was always our day of rest
we would head for the TV…and baseballs best.

With ten of us boys and our favorite team
American league baseball the best it did seem.

The Sunday games always started at one
dinner was planned, when baseball was done.

Each week the best day just seemed to fly
there was baseball to watch and mom’s apple pies!

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