Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 14, 2016

Funny place called life~by Payal



Funny place called life

So I say my little prayers,
planetary indulgence of
on and off Godless heart.

It is a solitary joy to make
unofficial promises
echoing the gravity
of my hopeless situation,
tittered thereupon my
countercultural freeman,
who knows about the false
self-talks anyways.

The time I will commit to these
priest-like murmurs is slave
to my appetite resolute to
sicken until I die.

Confine myself within the order
of this funny place called life,
where the flames I fear most
can be fallible glaciers,
and ships abandoned in troubled
whirlwinds reach unacknowledged
shores sought to hide ourselves,
sea itself pays debt for beholding
water, an excellent constitution,
ever flowing laws written with
brined blood in fountain nibs.

Reminds me of three realms of
Dante’s—“The Divine Comedy”,
Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso,

Allegorically speaking:
love throughout has framed my sins,
love itself has lacked the justice,
love indeed is the only form of
fortitude kissed by the drowning Sun,
unfolds a sovereign kingdom
smooth and rubious to the heart
that turns eyes in grey skies.

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