Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 15, 2016

My Mattress and Me~by Norman Wilson



My Mattress and Me

I sleep on a worn-out mattress
It has shared in all my heartaches
We shall remain together
Even though the springs break

Every spring has a story
Of the many nights I had tossed and turned
In the darkest times of my life
For a heart that forever yearns

There are tearstains on my mattress
Stains from crying eyes
From a heart built on loneliness
That hurts so deep inside

My mattress and I shall bear the weather
As my springs, slowly rust out
While love is a lost option
As I lay awake and pout

Please do not throw out my mattress
Even though we are the most unlikely pair
For if that ever happens
It will end my only love affair

All rights reserved 03./10/16
Norman Francis

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