Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 16, 2016

Dusk to Dawn~by Payal



Dusk to Dawn

Part of the days and nights
possessed with priceless objects,
infinite grounds walked like
marriages fell apart,
pregnant abstractions that labour
only while it is dusk or dawn.

Survey the addictions of communities,
prescribed or unprescribed pharmaceuticals
in various varieties,
televisions, computers, mobiles or even
stalkers enamoured of men or women,
meet and adieu to them as large looming
winds, catalogues of deformed desserts
and curved fields of wheat,
harvested in seasons and consumed
perennially like food and water.

Pules and rives of hideous inner self,
misses somebody it has never met,
that loneliness writes itself away,
washed in modal patterns like
intrepid rain drops beating themselves’
on soft rock beds borrowed from
gritty industrial sections.

If only what has been written
knows not its source,
I could conceal my lose face,
sensations featured like ripened
fruits that fall willingly in storms,
I release them like peaceful dreams
rolling down my cheeks in disguise
of fiction.

Nimby appendages chin-up
and look fiercely up into the
coal anointed sky,
show it the meaning of being lonely,
we all don’t know we are lonely for?

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