Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 17, 2016

Theory of Relativity~by Payal



Theory of Relativity

A vision canted with symptoms
of life,
similar to a fruit that tells about
its tree,
seen universe in unity or multiplicity.

A businessman neatly eviscerated,
luxury of particulars- food, home or
money, losing eventually in the search
of mystic,
a monk dreadfully true and unselfish,
world itself too good to possess
any materialistic.

Predilection for corollary electron,
however brief may be its manifestation
in vibrations,
whatever it has obtained or lost,
it is to remain here,
only Universe to imply before and after.

Million jewels of dew on a blade of grass,
colored in rainbows reflecting fellow dew
world with a moon is the symptom of a poet,
heaven with a temple is the literariness
of a thief,
like snake with legs or frost on snow.

Heaven itself a temple and the world,
a song of the giant bell.

Socrates once said- “Beware the barrenness
of a busy life”,
you will never know the infinity in a grain of
sand or eternity in an hour glass,
sun cannot talk and winds cannot feel,
it is the human invaginated in anxiety
melted through the judgemental eyes
of relativity.

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