Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 18, 2016

‪#‎Devotion‬~by Lopamudra Mishra






I am neither Sita nor Draupadi,
But a lady devoted to my duty,
I pay utmost care for my husband, children, and elders’ safety,
Still everyone questions my priority?
I say my devotion and love for them is my sincerity,
I try to bring smile on their faces in spite of diversity,
I am not perfectionist, that I admit my view,
But all search in me a thousand review,
Today ‘s world researches on modern lady role,
Yes, didn’t she change her place in male’s eyeball?
I wait for an appreciative nod after the tired plot,
Not a tap of affection from busy slot,
Every one occupied on their theory,
My character is ignored in their periphery,
Hours I rehearse to satisfy their pangs,
May be I am not judicious to their demands,
My agony when flow as words and tears they consider me crank,
Then I dig my soil ,saw my reflections in water as prank,
When I react everyone soothes me with words,
Aware my duties and devotion in ladies’ life span,
Silently I nod my heavy head to cool my anger bell,
As soon as I see them smiling ,my heart melts with motherly love,
To keep my near one smiling is my only devotion.


  1. great post

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