Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 18, 2016

a poets thirst~by Nutan Sarawagi



a poets thirst

A poet is one who writes for himself
then in it he cries for himself
in a cry so shrill penetrating life
For the whole world to hear in its cry so clear
Harsh as it breaks into the still of the night
Life’s last die cast in life

the whole world he draws in his spell at his will
In his words he kills
spell bound a magical web he weaves in it
as he draws himself to will his words
Touched in a magic wand in the colour of his words
in it to turn round and round spinning the magic wheel of life
he draws life to a close
So close as he wills himself to his own words
Caught in the web
in the magical net thrown , cast in the water
in a world caught in his own words
In his last will as if he writes his death
An outcast of life to carve his own death
In a death willed to life he dies
Finally at peace he rests in himself
No more alive waiting for himself
In life’s journey to end his life
A life no longer his gone beyond life
In which he decides to loose his life
His own no more his life
Quenched in his own thirst
He finally drinks out of life
The last sip savouring life in its life
He dies


  1. great post

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