Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 18, 2016

Changes~by Norman Wilson




I take pictures of the sunrise
Nothing ever seems to look the same
As in life, for day by day that we live
Everything is born to change

I walk to work in the morning
It could be sunshine and then it might be rain
Everywhere strange faces surround me
As I wait patiently for the morning train

When I leave work in the evening
I might take a shortcut through the park
Sometimes the sun is bursting out
However, it is mostly pitch dark

In the dark, I befall to stumble
As I lay in pain and rage
For each night of darkness
Gives way to a new night of change

I open the doors of new tomorrows
When I take pictures of nightly sunsets
Turning an amber sky into channelling fire
In the same place the moon and the stars step

Everything in life will change
Like the pictures that I take
Just remember one thing about tomorrows
Life’s changes are not a mistake

All rights reserved 03/13/16
Norman Francis

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