Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 18, 2016

Daily missive for Friday the 18th of March.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Friday the 18th of March.

Shutters come down
So easily
Safety curtains
For the soul
Hiding the frenzy
Of activity
Out of sight
And reach of a public
Who care so little
For the inner workings
Of a play.
It is the passion
Of a production
A tranquil humour
That engages with them
The meander
Of rehearsal.
Forgotten lines
Stage fright best forgot
When the full weight
Is dropped
It covers a world
Of expectation
Awaiting deliverance
Needing protection
From the sweat and blood
Of back stage
The fear that
Remains lurking in
The wings
The painted smile
That is wiped
Clean away
In the sadness
Of reflection
The darkness
Of a wardrobe
Full of changes
With a truth
Frayed at the edges
Torn by the frequency
Of divestment
And a singularity
Of purpose
That promotes
Such unwept for isolation.

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