Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 19, 2016

Dog Named Boo~by Norman Wilson



Dog Named Boo

They had taken my light away
And left me without a sun
It is darker today
In a world without anyone

I share my loneliness
With an old ragtag dog named Boo
He hangs around like a brother
When I have little of nothing to do

We walk the fields above Dover
One of England’s most beautiful sights
Listening to the breaking waves from the ocean
During the high tides of night

We would stopp for just a moment
To share a treat on the trail
Where Boo gets all excited for raw potatoes
Jumping up and down wagging his pluming tail

The world does not seem as empty
With Boo by my side
As I can now see the beauty of night
With the moon and the stars in the skies

The heaven’s have now opened up its light
Where the sun used to be
For now, we have the night
Old dog Boo and me

All rights reserved 03/14/16
Norman Francis

This is a true poem of the potato eating dog-named Boo and me

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