Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 20, 2016

Shadows on the Wall~by Norman Wilson



Shadows on the Wall

An orphan boy came knocking at my door
He said mister have you got something for the poor
I looked down at his dirty little face
And said please come in and stand by my fireplace

He was clothed in a ragged shirt and torn pants
Where you could see a thin veiled boy in sway of his stance
As the orange flames through a ghostly shadow on the wall
Making his four foot six inch frame look ten feet tall

I wondered to myself why should this be
A orphan boys begging on his knees
In a country that claims to do so much
For what extremism has left the boy as such

I felt my tears cry aloud deep inside
Tears that I believed were hard to hide
As my heart poured out for this child of the night
As I pounder how to change this homeless boy’s plight

It is now twenty years later since that day
When I asked the young boy, please stay
It has been the most joyous time of my life
Since the death of my loving wife

He is now over six feet tall
With a shadow shaded twenty feet on the wall
Where the boy has brought a joy of father and son
While the wall now reflects my life fulfilled when done

All rights reserved 03/14/16
Norman Francis

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