Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 20, 2016

Short-lived perceptive~by Payal



Short-lived perceptive

Consequence of a monologue,
redundant amidst the luminous hope,
same duality of echoes that know of
personal abnormalities since birth,
bipolar system of life and death,
working in concert like a prisoner
and his seven square meter cell.

These clinical corrections advocated
by health providers,
not as therapeutic as meditation
on the pursuit of happiness.

The knowledge, I am gifted less time,
makes me choose only those who
encourage life,
I see any personhood now, short-lived
or long-lived with the lens of suicidal eyes,
like green certainty of a spring’s blind.

Sunny narrative of liberal arts
arguing the existence of God,
even an atheist secretly worships,
none but his unanswered wrath.

I chose to run away for sometime
to people who did not sympathise,
in foreign lands where languages
remained unfathomed and
manoeuvred walks of mates
greeted alike new found blizzards,
indeed I broke down sometimes
into the warm estranged palms felt
like my own mom’s,
silence behind irises meant to hide.

I am not taught how to think,
but indeed what to think by
my education,
I do not take suffering seriously,
however I do pity healthy friends
contemplating self murdering.

Imperial foreword to the 2016 edition,
would like to quote sir Albert Camus’s,
–“There is no love of life without despair
of life.”

Count not the days but memories you
tend to make.

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