Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 23, 2016

Daily missive for Wednesday the 23rd of March.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Wednesday the 23rd of March.

There is stillness.
A wearing down
As the heart bleeds
In silence.
Weeping for want
Of you,
As a soldier
Writes home,
Scratching his sorrow
Into a dirty page
Torn from an old
The pencil no more
Than a stub
Of forgotten phrases
Teardrop passion.
Shaking with cold,
Numbed by dreams
Of respite,
When the storm
Of sentiment
Is finally charged with
The blood of innocents
Seeping through
A fog of meaning.
Bonded by the telling,
Filling the blanks
With every precious drop
Of love he can give,
Without a final collapse
Into repetition
And the stinking
Mold of
Grey muddle
He has fallen into.
No hole for foxes
Or good men
To ponder, whether
They will walk this way again,
Just as I have dreamed
Of walks with you.
And though we are
By the thinnest of margins
A veil has fallen,
Any safe passage
Through a no man’s land
Littered with
Broken hearts
And the stain spreading
From a torrent
Of bloodied goodbyes.


  1. sad, but oh so beautiful

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