Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 23, 2016

Edge of Earth~by Norman Wilson



Edge of Earth

Woes of fever pitch
Where souls walk
To the place of earths edge
Where stardust falls down
On humankind burning walls

Make believe walls
Uprooedt from the ground
To the constant rapping
Of echoing sounds
Where criers of wolf
Harkin to the crumbling down
Of blind shades flowering
In absence of life to be found

Shall we sustain
In woe of night
Will there be one more candlight
That burns so brightly
Before our path
To carry on in blight
Leaning onward
In glow of our last stand

Salted are their words
Dispersed upon the sea breeze
Where out-liars have given way
To beating hearts
On edge of earths blue skies
That we will never again, see
From the smothering of political lies

All rights reserved 03/17/16
Norman Francis

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