Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 24, 2016

Happy Holi !~by Nutan Sarawagi



Happy Holi !

For poetry prize of India

In colours of life let’s unite
one colour each one
to become each colour
Holi the festival of colors etched in the colors of life
in a life so beautiful coloured with love to forgive and forget
to color this day with thoughts as beautiful as this colourful day

painting emotions in colors of love
in colours to give in colors of love , to paint each day , to never go away
in colors that have come to stay
in colors as beautiful to live in it each day
bringing colors of holi to life today
in colors so pure to love each other
to never go astray
to bring out the colors as colourful as this day
in each of us to make life’s most memorable day
only love and love to end this colorful day
in colors of rainbow with a hope to never go away !

to end all differences amongst us
no hate only love amongst us
with no hopes to kill
only dreams to build
in the strength of love

to scatter love in colors so bright
to bring our hopes together in hopes to light
to never let sorrow enter our lives
to fill us with happiness
in seeds of love shedding all hate
dwelling our hearts in colors of love
to paint heaven in colors of love
where there is no color left in which to color love
all colors all hopes to be filled in love
in dreams of love !


  1. Happy Holi to you. Let

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