Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 24, 2016

Solace in the Waters~by Norman Wilson



Solace in the Waters

What brilliance lies within thy eyes
Such brilliance that caresses a gentle sky
Where stars unfold in dark of night
As reflections glow from moonlight

A mother’s tears falls from those eyes
Eyes so bleak so dark in wake-less sleep
To weep within a night so starlit sharp
That crowns her eyes with circles dark

Her eyes are terse for a second look
As she took a brisk walk in a nearby brook
With wide eyes now fixed on the moon
To the songs sung by the midnight loons

She reaches down to feel the waters streaming
Faster, passed her as her heart keeps screaming
While her wails are suppressed with every breath
After the playfulness caused her child’s death

Lifeless so lifeless a child lay buried in the waters stream
A stream she once welcomed in her nighttime dreams
While now her soul is so tortured in the dark of night
As she spends her time in the stream gazing at the moonlight

She now seeks solace in the waters rush
As a dagger of pointed stars, sharpen their thrust
Eating away at the darkness that encompasses the skies
While more tears keep falling from her eyes

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