Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 26, 2016

Chopped Maladies~by Payal



Chopped Maladies

Chopped Maladies
From the notorious chapters of
saccharine books written as
mundane errands of chaste
Wail, a child’s response to this
madness chronicled in soiled
clothes or smells of oils in
locks of loose hair,
cipher with boundless depths,
attempts to withhold all that
has passed,
fallen flat.
Ringing out between sobs,
custodial courage as virgin
preening orgasmic spasms,
transfixed gentiles who
wager their fortunes,
an artifice and a cubby,
painful canaries sung and
echoed like fate,
annulled curiosities of love and hate.
Monogrammed rims served with
poisonous drinks,
this social scheme where I ought
to suffer for all good that comes to me,
whether I control it or not,
all that is anxiety,
worn like discarded merchandise
bought cheap amidst faltering economy.

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