Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 26, 2016

To Bloom Again~by Norman Wilson



To Bloom Again

Heart breaking was the words I wrote
For to share in times to invoke
The hurt that storms from my pen
Until the day, I get to send

In solace, there shall never be
For the man I had no qualms for all to see
As my words was night feeding the dark
Where nothing is the same within my heart

I stoked the fires where flames roar
That roared so loud causing tears to pour
For words that shatter in mist of air
For the love I no longer hope to share

My words so tranquil negate my fait
As the red rose budded to bloom on my estate
Before the vista of wanted words
For sounds and songs of love no longer heard

Scarcely my pen dots the final line of regret
For a marriage I can no longer reset
So dry my ink upon my page
As I shall look for love to bloom on another day

All rights reserved 03/18/16
Norman Francis

Thank you everyone for your heartfelt comments for our poet brother
and Friend Mohan Johari. Now he is with the angels with paper and pen. Blessing to all.

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