Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 28, 2016

Earth Angel~by Norman Wilson



Earth Angel

I remember the power of her love
A love that carried on passion’s wings
Where hearts buzzed on gentle winds
From earth angels playing on violin strings

Un-tethered was her heart for me
As pure as freshly poured moulded gold
That flowed in image of herself
Touching upon the essence of her soul

She was as fine so gentle kind
That the winds so softly broke in a tender breeze
Where whispers swept upon a puff of air
Saying honey, I will always love thee

Her love grew with every new day
As she showed me in several tell-tale ways
Ways that marked our hearts in eternal bliss
That enhanced with every morning kiss

Now she has joined with the earth angels
Playing the strings of her violin
So loud that I can her music blending us together
Where I hold this earth angel within

All rights reserved 03/21/16
Norman Francis

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