Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 29, 2016

Long Before Time~by Lilian Dipasupil Kunimasa



Long Before Time

Long before time,
Grampa knows how to write
No pen, no paper around,
but it is just alright
Just a sharp stone, a cave
and a branch to give light
Grampa did just fine,
coz he’s creative and bright

He came from Africa
land bridges far did he walk
Grampa is a hunter,
this land’s beasts he stalk
His adventures to tell
My! How the caves did talk
Virgin forests to run
smarter and agile as hawk

Land bridges long gone
yet visitors came one day
Earth is for all to share
so Grampa let them stay
Built huts and houses
cut the trees for fields to lay
Neighbors are funny
but left them with their way

They had alphabets
to write on thin strip papers
Grampa learned quick
Joined the fun with traders
Yet one stormy day
came the arrogant raiders
Gold Glory and God
called themselves crusaders

Neighbors enslaved
said mind and souls barren
Destroyed their culture
declared them as heathen
Enforced their godly laws
human rights all forbidden
Grampa was smart
his family in caves hidden

Long before time,
Grampa knows what’s right
No pen, no paper around,
still on caves he did write
Just with sharp stone and cave
history to shed some light
Grampa did all these
shown culture’s not just for the might


  1. (Hi)story retold beautifully.

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