Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 31, 2016

“the path of wisdom”~by Idrissa Eddie Traore



“the path of wisdom”

Between pride and ego there’s just an inch,
And to be in-between, one needs a launch;
It’s a thin way not anyone can see,
A path made of steps never meant to be,

So tiny that mostly misunderstood,
When people make it a problem of mood;
It becomes shadowy for those who force,
And bites as they stay stuck in its wrong course;

For those who are patient, it flies too high,
Showing them all its fine ways to the skies;
Its walk is long, but its profit is bold!
Yes! Patience is feeble but really gold!

On that path a horseman may leave his ride,
To walk head down acting with a worn pride;
Its faint line is so dark, and swings with cold,
And Its discovery sometimes finds us old;

Between carrying on and giving up,
There is just a slight moment of break up;
Only the strong-minded can find that way,
Those who never think of running away!

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