Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 1, 2016

Never to Leave~by Norman Wilson



Never to Leave

I never leave my building
For there is a darkness that lingers within
It ties me in bondage
In vapours that comes in a mist so thin

I walk the floors above me
In restless conversation with myself
Down dank halls and corridors
In trappings, peril to my health

Why does it come in stark of night
From wailing walls bleeding red on white
In a blackness of whistling dread
Haemorrhaging a sombre echo to the dead

I see a shift within the halls
A shifting figure that slumps then falls
Lying listless on the floor
Then it creeps slowly out the door

What darkness hides within my place
As ghostly figures dart, dash then evaporate
Within the damp halls that I walk
In search of unearthly visions evasive to my thoughts

I shall keep vigilance through the night
As long, as the vaporous entities walk and shout
It mist of gloominess where eeriness trolls about
For I too am an unearthly soul that cannot walk out

All rights reserved 03/25/16
Norman Francis

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