Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 2, 2016

HAVE YOU EVER?~by Akan Udofia




Have you ever love someone so much
The world without him would die?

Have you ever fall deeply in love with someone
You can never stop thinking about his smile?

Have you ever be blindly in love
You gave away all you’ve got to the one heart you truely love?

Have you ever thought love to be a fairytale
Waiting for a prince charming to kiss your breathe away?

Have you ever love someone so much it makes you want to cry
You missed him when ever he is gone for a while?

Have you ever tried hard to make a relationship work
For a stranger fell in love with you just met?

Have you ever been heart broken
You see the world to be cruel and vow trust never to be taken?

Have you ever been in love for the right reasons
But all that glitters in your man’s heart faded over night it seems?

Have you ever thought love will last forever
You find that special one and live happilly ever after?

Have you ever been betrayed by your spouse
Of a sudden he figures out you’re not good enough to have?

Have you ever found a man
Whom your feelings completely understand?

Have you ever thought of giving up after a breakup
But found out your feelings for another man is unlocked?

Have you ever missed a man so bad
When ever you’re all alone, you feel really sad?

Have you ever asked your self that one daunting question before
Why do a woman fall in love?

Have you ever? ….

All right reserved © Akan E. Udofia 2016…/have-you-ever.html…

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