Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 2, 2016

O’ MY SWEET-HEART~by Jagjit Singh Jandu




Getting a glimpse of yours!
I see my love flowers!
A bath in sweet showers!
May you believe
O’ my heart’s sweet heir!

I live seeing you near or far!
And feel sipping the Nectar!
Wounds serve as heart’s radar!
Sewn by strings of love
O’ my sweet dove!

My heart is throbbing
Chest feels its sobbing
Love-winds go it robbing
Wandering all around
O’ intangible Idol !

Suffering from separation!
Seeking love in salvation!
Being God’s sweet creation!
Hug my lonely crying beats
O’ Goddess of passion!

Jit is begging for!
Set waves of love afar!
Bring our hearts at par!
Tie the knots quite hard
O’ my Queen at last !
By Jagjit Singh Jandu(JIT)
@ April 2, 2015,
All Rights Reserved

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