Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 3, 2016

1967 In Memory~by rldubour

Dedicated to our class mates of 1967 that have gone ahead and wait to open the doors as we all come along!


1967 In Memory

A picture image is what we have

Of yesterdays gone by.

How we spent our youth

At East Longmeadow High.

We all went our separate ways

and chose to walk our path.

With memories we share in time

Are still within our grasp.

Each one has a story

Of unknowns that were in store.

How we went upon our life

As waves upon the shore.

Let’s take a moment to reflect

Our classmates gone ahead.

Their souls have gone before us

Now sleep in heavens bed.

Michael Bradley, Steve Cormier

And Tim Dreyer.

Richard Hawley, Judy Ryan

And David R. McIntire.

Christine Lull, Karen Basile

And John Manferdini.

Rosemary Edwards, Rose M. Resta

And John Rosati.

Raymond A Lindsay Jr., Albert Bailey

And Brian K. Clark.

Fifteen souls in Gods light.

No longer in the dark.

In heaven they all wait

To welcome us all in.

As we pass this world we know

And begin a life again.

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