Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 3, 2016

A FURNACE OF LOVE.~by Philibus K Elisha Elisha




Like a fiery furnace
Singeing my soul
With the serenade chirps
Of a Nightingale’s sonorous souls’
Burning a glowing flame
In the night’s soothing silence
Of the sweet fire
Like a churning of chords
Of the only harmony
On the harp
Of my hilarious heart
Beating a tingling strings
Of the blazing furnace
Melting me to a molten mass
Of a vitreous vaporization
Of the virulent flow
Of a calming heart..
Soothing my singeing soul.

She is a furnace!
Burning me hurtlessly
Amorously enamoring me
In an entrapped enclave
Of the enveloping enclose
That she is..
Entranced is the euphoria
In the only eldorado
Of her eloping eden
And spelled so swiftly
Is the realm.
Of her desirous heat
Calming my fever-heated whole
In the womb of her warmth furnace
Of love.

She is
A sweet singeing serenade
Sifting softly
From the silky singe
Of a night’s sizzling solitude
Of my serenading soul
A chord-cocooning comfort
Clipping me
In the clandestine closet
Of her cherishing crib;
So sweetly bearable
So courtingly tolerable
So adorably singeing
In the only sweet home
Of a love’s furnace.


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