Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 3, 2016

My Feathered Nest~by Norman Wilson



My Feathered Nest

I sleep to dream to rest
Within my feathered bed
So soft, yet so gushingly
Drifting within slumbers treat
Where breath of gentleness
Preys upon my tenderness

What tender yearning binds
Thoughts hidden behind my mind
Where horse trades, are made
And cheeses hardened to my taste
In succulence before light of day
In inclusion of her who I really crave

She walks within my dreams
Basking before the running stream
A stream that shows no day or night
While she is cloaked in passions wish
Soring to my eyes, weeping to my sight
As her nakedness now appears
Where stars are lit by candlelight

I slumber for a mist to clear
To be un-asleep within my fears
So I can catch her breath within a net
In tranquil beauty as I slept
For she is no more than a dream
That haunts my soul and my rest
To the suppleness of my bed
While I sleep in tales of fantasy
Within my soften feathered nest

All rights reserved 03/26/16
Norman Francis

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