Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 4, 2016

Are we human beings~by Aarti Mittal


Inspired by the touching story of Anita Sahoo


Are we human beings

Are we human beings
Or beasts
Who are sent to follow
Mightiest shall survive
Hence they only know might
Yet they feel
They sense
Not only the their own world
But the world of humans too

What are we humans
Though bestowed with
Love compassion
Yet surviving , living for
Might , Greed
Enjoy exploiting
Disabled weak deprived
To our excel
Wanting to apex
Disciminations created by us
The caste
The class
The religion
The creed
The inhumanity
Are we humans
Worse than beast as deteriorating them too

I ask god
If god permits
How shall you make
Them survive
Who are humans
They are your loved ones
Your dear ones
The deprived
Weak n poor
What shall you decide for their survival !!!!!

Copyright @ Rita
April, 2016.


  1. Maybe we are still evolving but then evolution and creation do not go hand in hand. So what will be God’s role in that if we want to stay as beasts, not that I am trying to demean the beasts.

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