Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 4, 2016

Breaking my silence~by Hela Tekali



Breaking my silence

I invite you to break my silence
My lonely heart longs for your presence
Its beats are willing to open their doors
Magically large and wide
Just to let your light enter in forever more
To feel every drop of your love
Penetrating through the sensitive layer of my soul
To fill my humble intellect with each grain of your beauty
I would like to learn more about your divinity
I would like your perfection to bring my spirit more wisdom and clarity
I would like you to teach me about the inner truth
The invisible layer of the unseen forces,
The absolute, the underworld, the mystical
I would like to learn about them more and more
My heart has a quenchless desire
To learn more about your waters of life
I would like to follow you and leave this world behind
To fill my inky plume with knowledge from your Holy Shrine
To cross the line that separates both the Earth and the seven skies
Though that distance takes a thousand miles
My lonely heart longs for your heavenly simle
To comfort its bit of nostalgia just for a while

Jenayah hela
From Halos Of Light
Breaking My Silence

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