Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 4, 2016

*Can i be a kid for once and for all*~by Anjali Kullu



*Can i be a kid for once and for all*

Sitting on the only bench
that’s not taken by
the oldies from the next block,
The first time i landed in this
almost deserted park.
Except for some couples
renewing their rusting love.
A child accompanied
by his grandparents
walking in between
shielded from both ends,
Old yet solid!
They held hands tight
I wish i was a kid too,
innocent and oh so fearless,
protected no matter
how naive!
Guided by loved ones,
dancing and kicking
whatever may come.
Still feeding sparrows:
stray and hungry;
little ones that are loved
for being so young.
Can i be a kid
for once and for all?
Riding and sailing,
climbing and flying
but never growing old
to regret what all
i have missed till now.
How friends mocked
for being acrophobic!
Parents knocked
for poor grades
as a dyslexic!
How as a teen i struggled
more than anybody would?
Having no shoulders to cry upon
still alone i stood.
Compromised all my talents
to pretend being normal,
all the time battling
emotions of suicidal.
The idea of being cheated
that sipped in later in my love life,
when rape and abuse became mundane!
I miss being that young kid
who never saw evil dark night
after the setting sun!
How beautiful to be young back again
like Peter Pan in stories,
stories that are never real,
wish me too was surreal..
Can i be a kid
for once and for all…!!!

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