Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 6, 2016

“ each other “~by Raj Babu Gandham



“ each other “

dancing in these rains of love
we drenched our hearts
and played in ecstasy
swimming in these lakes of love
we chocked our hearts
and seized in ecstasy
floating on these clouds of love
we kissed our hearts
in these mists of ecstasy
skidding on these dry leaves
rolling on these sand dunes
our bare skins in whispers of love
on river beds we lived
through the dark nights we swimmed
the moonlights we bathed
drenching in rain
drying in sun
wrapped in chill
we never left our hearts
we never stopped our quests
in seeking each other
we lived our kisses
dying for each other
in our plays of love
we churned our hearts
skimmed our love
in our dances of love
these peaks and valleys
these depths and mounds
all plead to conquer
your unknown depths
my unseen peaks
striking as lightning
in our holocaust of love
in our gales of lust
we perished in each other
spraying our love
spreading our love
we seized to die
ever existing in love
we breathe our life
from one another
infusing love
moment to moment
we love loving
living forever
in each other

for each other
~ yathi.. rajbabu gandham

copyright © author rajbabug 06apr15 2131 2256
photograph sourced from arhives of google w

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