Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 6, 2016

Good Night My Loves and Beautiful Dawn !!!~by Sandra Regina Viana



Good Night My Loves and Beautiful Dawn !!!

Good Night My Loves and Beautiful Dawn !!!
Be kind to yourself, stay away from perfectionism,
but look for improvement.
With discipline and kindness we become better for us
and others.
You are free in the way of acting and thinking, is the
son of the universe, has
the right to be here.
So always be at peace with God and with yourself,
all the inspiration you seek is within you.
Even before the storms of life try to keep the peace
his soul. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.
The bitterness of certain days do not have the power to contaminate
our sweetness, and our own sweetness is higher and
higher than any force that apology bitter.
The sweetness of every heart;
Come to be the dream and the song.
The smile that is contagious.
The emotion, which makes poetry.
In the sweetest welcome.
Happiness to believe.
In the seed in bloom.
In blessings on all paths.
In love, care and affection that delivery.
That delights life and perpetuates.
In the soul, in the quiet of each feeling.
In simple every moment composing.
In tenderness find everything you need.
And all and all want well.
Sharing, the happiness that comes from.
To be happy, happy doing.
That Glamour night starts.
Be the blessing and poetry.
Which will adorn the dreams of hope.
Cherish the gentle sleep.
Bring the blessing of God at all times.
Awakening the most beautiful feeling.
Peace and love.
Sweet and peaceful dreams … until tomorrow, God willing !!!


  1. amen

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