Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 6, 2016

She Looked at Me~by Norman Wilson



She Looked at Me

She is looking at me
Why does she keep looking my way
Could it it be that she has me in her eye
As she stands there with poise and sway

What shall I do next, for I am truly perplexed
Shall I start walking away in flight to flee
Or shall I be prepared to stay and say
Why do you keep staring at me

She has beautiful deep brown eyes
With a smile that lights her soul inside
While releasing a scent of lavender freely drifting on the air
Filling my heart’s despair, I share with my senses outside

Shall I look away in child’s play
Then turn back with a brisk voice and gently say
Honey, are you thinking of going my way
For it is not safe to walk alone these days

How corny could I really be
I am sure she would see right through me
Yet, it could be the phony line I really need
To get her to stop and talk with me

There is a cool southern breeze blowing about
It is starting to wither in fray towards our way
While I am buttoning my coat to my neck
As the leaves and wind, seem to be drifting her away

She is now at least a block down the road
She is no longer sharing the same street
I am sure tomorrow she will be here again
Then surely, we will get another chance to meet

All rights reserved 03/29/16
Norman Francis

How many times in life has this happened to you

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