Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 7, 2016

Old Soul, Young Heart~by Karen King



Old Soul, Young Heart

He was an old soul, having travelled from
Different places and different times.
He had sunk in Atlantis
Where the people had become
Greedy and selfish.
As they lost their way,
As they lost their light.

He burnt with the lost land
When he was a Native American,
Destroyed by the foreigners
To their land.
Unnecessary land lost,
Unnecessary lives lost.

Sometimes his soul suffers
As he looks at the
Struggling, suffering souls,
The corrupt systems,
The cruelty of other people,
The way the “unwanted” people
Stagger on, deflated and defeated,
While the powers that be
Continuously want more.
More power, more money.
To them, life is a competition
And not one of caring,
And not one of sharing.

He is trying to get it right this time.
He has had many lives in one.
He metamorphosis’s constantly,
He remains resilient, despite hardships.
He does his best to reach out,
He is there for the needy,
He tries to be there for everyone.
He wants the people to wake up,
He wants the world to wake up.

He is a pot of clay,
Forever remoulding,
Forever being re-fired in the kiln,
As his character constantly changes.
Sometimes bit break off,
Sometimes bits are added,
But the basic shape remains.
Sometimes he is a bigger man,
Sometimes he fails
And shrinks, like Alice,
But he picks himself up once again,
He is forever resilient,
He is forever learning.

Yet his heart keeps giving.
Yet his heart stays warm.
Yet his heart holds hope.
He is an old soul with a young heart.
He is a special soul with a young heart.

Karen King Copyright 7 April 2016

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