Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 7, 2016

When Autumn Comes~by Hela Tekali



When Autumn Comes

Leaves fall, autumn comes
The wind blows, I hear your calls
A gentle breeze caresses my ears
I feel your flirt cleansing my fears
Mountains stand still
They awaken my will
Waiting for your garden to grow wild flowers
Watering them gently with your sweet showers
Seasons are all the same
Weather changes but not your name
Right in your arms I will be a Rose
Hugging me tenderly with your sweat so close
Love has made of me a Lady in Rose
Flowers dry up, not your smell on my nose
Leaves fall, our love is the best
The breeze disappears, and emotions will rest
I see my dry ink blooms in your stream
Floating emotions embellish my dream
Butterflies of love fluttering whims
Humming bees in your ecstasy swim

Jenayah Hela
From Halos Of Light
Autumn Comes

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