Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 8, 2016

” mother “~by Raj Babu Gandham



” mother “

The skies are mine
In trees I live

The winds I carry
The rains I pour

The twinkling stars
The falling snow

All in me
All are me

In rivers’ flow
In mountains’ glow

In waves’ roar
In oceans’ calms

I live as life
I spread as love

I am here
I am there

I am flowers’ bloom
I am in leaf’s cracks

I am in mist’s split
I am in rain’s drops

In your wound’s pain
In your love’s gain

I live in you
I love in you

In earth’s smell
In fire’s glow

In storm’s force
In your tear’s flow

In your love’s quest
In your life’s gist

I am the one
I am the one

The breath of you
The life in you

I am the nature
I am the


~ yathi rajbabu
Copyright@author rajbabug03may14 0251
photo source from facebook.

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